Black Machina Quantum Safe Data Protection.png

The Concept 

Tomorrow’s economy will be driven by Machine Learning systems, Blockchain services and IoT-based Smart Cities. Unfortunately current security solutions are based on an enterprise architecture that is not suitable or able to protect sensitive data or mission critical systems on distributed Internet-connected systems. Additionally Quantum computers hold to potential of recovering the Private Key from Digital Certificates. Subsequently a new approach to data protection is required that protects against existing and emerging cyberattacks.

To help protect the new generation of distributed compute processes from cyberattacks Black Machina has developed a patent-pending Quantum Safe Data Protection solution that encrypts data using a quantum Random Number (qRNG) and stores the key in an Encrypted Distributed Ledger.   The product name derives from the characteristics that data is only is visible to authorized applications and is otherwise black to external and internal observers.

The Technology 

Black Machina is the industries first distributed data protection solution that utilizes a quantum random number generator to create an entropy pool at edge nodes (mobile phone, sensor, laptop). Software agents are used to convert quantum random numbers to encryption keys which are then posted to an Encrypted Distributed Ledger with the authorization token for upstream data center and cloud applications. As encrypted data migrates towards the data center and cloud servers, software processes are able to fetch the encryption key by providing their credentials to the Encrypted Distributed Ledger.

The distribution of cryptographic and packet forwarding improves security and performance of all types of systems from Machine Learning programs handling sensitive information and Blockchain-based E-commerce apps handling regulated data to large scale IoT sensor collection systems in Smart Cities.

The Team 

The Black Machina team has decades of experience building trusted and high performance computers for US national security projects.  They utilize this expertise to provide clients a full turnkey solution from requirements definition and solution development to outsourced operations.