Machine Learning

Machine learning has the power to unlock powerful insights into a wide range of activities from how the human body functions to how societies operate.  Unfortunately Machine Learning systems capture a lot of sensitive data. Application developers can utilize Black Machina to encrypt data at edge nodes and securely transfer cloud applications.

Blockchain Services

As Blockchain-based e-commerce services begin to grow transaction performance and security become issues. The recent attacks on digital wallets demonstrate the importance of locking down all parts of an e-commerce service.  Blockchain operators can utilize Black Machina to ensure the data in mobile phones is protected against malware. Additionally data in backend systems are protected from unauthorized surveillance, infiltration or denial of service attacks. 

Smart Cities

Smart Cities suffer from all the cyber vulnerabilities we have today (like phishing password attacks, server exploitation and self-propagating malware) plus a new generation of attack vectors due to the hyper-connected state of everything.  Smart City operators can utilize Black Machina to capture and encrypt IoT sensor data coming from energy, transportation and environmental systems before it is transferred to cloud-based management systems.  Additionally the agent-based model allows data to be normalized at edge nodes greatly reducing upstream bandwidth requirements.